Magnolia 807 is a functional container with a minimalist anatomy that sets a spotlight on the aerial panorama from the penthouse. The tenants dreamt of a spacious and full of light apartment that would provide an accurate response to their needs. The guidelines were to create a modern and minimalist design that balances beauty and functionality.

Main feature of the apartment is a magnificent view and the fully glassed facade that allows to enjoy these views fully. The two levels of the pent house are planned to allow separation of different functional zones- the lower floor being the active social zone and the upper floor being the private chambers. In the middle of the layout is situated double-height foyer that connects the apartment with staircase and is accentuated by shell art sculpture and light installation which is perceived to have different intersections at different views.

The whole apartment is layered with iconic works of art that encapsulates warmth of the household. The residence also features plants as ornaments of the space, ensuring a piece of nature within. Each transition is carefully thought out to create an experience for its inhabitants.

42mm Architecture

D-215 Basement Saket New Delhi -110017