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In this regard, voting gets to be an inadequate situation for the existence of democracy.

“Wikipedia”rnTo some degree, there is democracy in the US as far as the the vast majority of the population is worried. Most of the people today enjoy the advantages of their rights and freedoms. Nonetheless, there is still the voice of the minority that has to be listened to.

rnThe fate of democracy is also in the hands of the persons, the demos. All will have to remain vigilant that the good quality of democracy in the country is not compromised. For real democracy to prevail, the community should really just take edge of the legal rights and freedoms granted to them to make certain that their voices and cry for equality in advance of the legislation and access to condition providers are heard.

ReferencernFor democracy to exist, political experts deem the presence of the demos or the individuals undertaking political selections by a collective procedure, these types of as a referendum or other types of assembly, to be necessary. These people pay someone local to write my paper paper plagiarism checker online i want to buy a college paper ought to occupy a distinct territory or country-condition where the said conclusions are applied and regarded authentic these types of that the inhabitants take and abide by the selections created. Furthermore, the country-state should be sovereign, i.

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e. there is no outside authority that can overrule the consequence of the strategies carried out. “Wikipedia”rnThe previously mentioned are the great properties and pre-problems of democracy enumerated by the professionals. Nevertheless, these aspects might be problematic when applied in authentic lifetime.

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For instance, with the establishment of the European Union (EU), laws ratified by each Member Point out for implementation in their respective region are topic to the scrutiny of the European Council and European Parliament. This is carried out to assure that these directives are in line with the EU provisions stipulated in the EU Treaty.

With this, the autonomy of Member States is diminished to some extent. Offered that there is a violation of sovereignty, a fundamental component of democracy, would it be legitimate to conclude that democracy fails to exist in European nations?rnWhen Abraham Lincoln used the expression “individuals” to determine the type of govt the US supplied, he most most likely referred to all the men and women. He did not use “vast majority” or “whites” or “Christians” or what have you. The phrase “people” was employed, since in a state with democracy, everyone no matter of race, gender, ethnic origin or faith, is given the possibility to have representation in the federal government.

rnIronically, albeit the US has been known as a stronghold of democracy, its record has been plagued with problems on curtailing of liberty and violation of human legal rights. For instance, it was reported that the US retains specified classes of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay and in other top secret prisons with out trial or unique grounds in domestic and worldwide legislation “Wikipedia”. Likewise, government companies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), have been accused of myriad crimes for the violation of human legal rights this sort of as imprisoning political activists devoid of due course of action. rnTo attain genuine democracy, the US federal government must establish a rule, which assures that all the “individuals” get pleasure from equality in the administration of legislation as effectively as in the provision of federal government help and expert services.

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