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It starts with an impossible idea that meets focused creativity and converts into great results


42mm has chosen to make a difference in the world by looking at reducing fossil fuel energy demands in its buildings. The firm has strategic knowhow and design tools to create comfort and achieve lighting requirements in its built environments only through planning and design techniques without adding any active elements. Year-round computerized simulations are carried out to test and improve the performance of these designs before they are translated into construction drawings. A robust team of vendors supplying alternate energy products, recycling systems, air-cooling and condition systems and innovative building materials, add to the reduction in the dependence on fossil fuel in such built environments.

Interior Design

42mm provides interior design services inclusive of all required engineering services. With a dedicated team of designers, architects, artists and product developers who are constantly inspired through research and prototyping of products, surfaces and systems, the firm produces innovative designed spaces for a wide spectrum of user needs. The firm also has a well-established global sourcing network to incorporate with ease any product from any country that the user may so desire.


42mm provides comprehensive architectural design services integrated with advanced structural, plumbing, electrical, lighting, automation and air-conditioning engineering required to realize contemporary built environments.The firm takes a project right from conceptualization to finishing including the users, requirements, site conditions, building codes, sustainability and costs at every step while constantly looking for newer possibilities for greater results. 42mm takes every project as an opportunity to create unique user experiences.

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