• Classical villa
  • Classical villa
  • Classical villa
  • Classical villa

Classical villa

A residential bliss designed for the king of real estate himself, is a house that brings out luxury in every sense.

Inspired by the classics, this home is drenched in Tuscan elegance from head to toe. The planning of the site has been done keeping a harmonious rendezvous of public, private and formal quadrants in mind, all leading into a central open space. The basic idea was taken from the traditional courtyard concept.

With utmost precision, the proportions of every arch, cornice and detail have been meticulously derived by the revival of Italian architecture. This whole mansion has been delicately designed with strong links from Vastu Shastra.

The formal entry to the house is done with a bridge over the swimming pool, which is ornamented with astonishing handmade mosaic motifs. A magnificently grand lobby with an explosion of natural light welcomes one into this Tuscan dream.

Ample, lush green break out spaces have been designed within this home thus leading to a picturesque view from each functional space.
This ensemble of a classical home is tucked into a well designed landscape rather impressively.

The water body has been visualized with a feeling of walking over water on floating stepping stones.

There is a geometric order about the landscape woven with God created nature that leaves its viewer totally spell bound.

The basement of this home has a luxurious swimming pool with an automated, overhead glass roof. A part hall cum gallery is adorned with hand painted Mediterranean tiles.